What is SWEAT! and who is it for?

Want a great workout that has the same components of CrossFit but without the barbell? If you are looking for a exercise regime that has all the aspects of CrossFit without the heavy barbell lifting then this option is for you! This option (done with and during our regular class times) will still focus on all ten components of CrossFit: endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.

SWEAT! is just like our main classes. It’s for everyone and can be scaled to any and all fitness levels. It’s especially for

  • Folks that want the variety and intensity of CrossFit without the heavy or technical lifts.

  • Athletes coming back from an extended time off.

  • Individuals who may have an injury that prevents them from lifting heavy but still want to get into shape.

Can I jump right into the SWEAT! option?

Yes! It is recommended that you contact us via email/phone or schedule your first session prior to attending. Please click on the JOIN US tab to schedule your first visit. SWEAT! is a great way to introduce you to the CrossFit methodology and you may start right away. Our Coaches will help you with anything that you may need to know for the workout.

Why should I choose SWEAT!?

While we at CrossFit Primal have a huge love and passion for barbell lifting…not everyone does. We completely understand that and are providing a challenging, high-intensity option that will keep you moving. These workouts will utilize a variety of bodyweight movements and lighter weights. It’s still CrossFit just without the barbells.