Member's of the Month - Luke and alex

Member of the Month for May is...drum roll please.... Alex and Luke Albertson!! We decided to roll May and June's members together for a very important reason...they're moving.  I sucks and I was devastated too!  To show our appreciation to this kick ass couple we made them our May and June Members of the Month!! 

Here's a little about Luke:

Luke has been one of our longest standing members at Primal!  He has been a key part of our community in our evening classes.  Luke is the special type of person who gets along with everyone.  This guy can bump from class to class and make friends with everyone instantly.  This is a valuable asset to us as a community.  Our community thrives because of folks like Luke.  Luke is the type of member every box should hope to have.  As coaches we are stoked to have Luke in class.  He listens, he's engaging and he's just all around one hell of a person.  We will dearly miss him and Alex once they move this summer. 


What can I say about Alex?  She's awesome.  Alex started out a little on the quiet side when she started at Primal.  She slowly got more comfortable here with us and we couldn't be more grateful.  This bad ass did CF almost the entire time of her pregnancy with Hadley.  It was so awesome to see her come in and kick ass on a wod and push herself beyond her comfort level.  Within the past year we have truly come to know her, appreciate her and love her.  Ugh... I'm tearing up!!  

Primal as a community just won't be quite the same without these two.  This JV power couple (haha) really has a strong presence in our community here.  They attend our socials, they introduce themselves to new folks, they're engaging and personable.  We will miss them so much!! I still hope their house sale falls through (who's with me?!).  To celebrate these two, we will be having a going away party for them.  Stay tuned for more details!!!

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