Why are we doing snatch balance? What's the purpose?

Snatch Balance

The snatch balance is a great tool to build confidence and strength in the receiving position for the snatch.  Typically this movement is done in small sets of 1-3, with the load being heavier than your max snatch (often anywhere from 70 to 100%). 

The snatch balance starts with the bar racked on your back, hands in the snatch grip, if you hook grip on the snatch then hook grip on the snatch balance.  Feet are in your jumping stance, as you dip down pushing the knees out and keeping torso upright,  you'll drive our legs against the floor.  As that happens you'll have some momentum upward.  Your feet will leave the floor and you'll land in your squat stance.  From here you will push against the bar in your overhead squat position (elbows locked), you'll try to catch it as low as you can without being rock bottom.  You'll continue to ride this movement down to bottom, if you need to sit down at the bottom for 2-3 seconds to get secure do so then stand up.  If you can ride it down and bounce out of the hole securely that is ideal. 

The snatch balance will help with learning proper footwork for the snatch.  So if you're having problems transitioning from your jumping stance to your squat stance then the snatch balance should be your best friend!!

Heaving Snatch Balance

With the heaving snatch balance basically the movement is the same.  The only difference between the two is the foot pattern.  In a heaving snatch balance you're feet start in your squat stance and do not leave the floor.  The purpose of this movement is to help reinforce the proper balance and receiving position in a snatch. 

Hopefully this helps clear up a few things for you guys!  If you have any questions let us kknow!!




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