Member of the Month - Travis Spear

For the month of July we have a new Member of the Month.  Travis Spear.  Travis is a man's man.  He enjoys whiskey, marvel movies, sports (Hawkeyes, Miami Dolphins, Oakland A's), beer and his family.  Travis is a core member of the 9:15 am class. He's such a personable guy that he can make friends anywhere.  The more we get to know Travis the more awesome we find out he is.  He hates burpees, rope climbs, and handstand pushups... but you know what?  He shows up and he does the work and boy is it paying off.

Just recently Travis told us he lost 20lbs in the last few months.  Not only is that amazing for his health, it also shows how much work he's been putting into the gym.  He runs after class everyday, he's been working on skills that aren't in his wheelhouse... and when he's feeling super awesome during the wod he'll give you a thumbs up.  Which doesn't mean good job by the way.  :)  It's more of a (ehhhh push off - in p.g. terms).

He's always good for a laugh, a joke and just generally a good time.  Please congratulate Travis for being such a bad ass this last month and for being a part of our family.  We truly couldn't imagine our community without him!!

Lynelle Maro1 Comment