Nutrition Challenge 2016!!

First weigh in and measurements: January 18th
Midway measurements: February 15, 2016
Final measurements: February 29th, 2016

Measurements include:
- Waist, Chest, Hips, Body Fat
- Optional: Photos for your purposes.  I can take them and nobody but myself will have access to the photos.  Again, this is OPTIONAL. 

Winning entry will be based on the amount of body fat lost.  Winner will receive one month membership FREE.  This is valued at $120.

- Along the way we will provide websites, recipes, articles and other resources to help you along the way! 
- Tips for success will also be provided!!

MyFitnessPal is a great app to use during this process.  You can keep track of weight, food, recipes etc.  You can also view other food diary's to get ideas!  My username is LynelleMaro, Brian is under: brianmaro473. 

If you need support during this process, please feel free to message any of us for help!  I know Krista and myself love to help in anyway possible! 

- 1 ounce of water per lb of bodyweight is recommended per day.  Water is going to be your best friend.
- Weekly meal prep saves time per week.  I make a lot of dishes in bulk to share during the week.  Cold weather is perfect for crockpot meals.
- Appropriate meal portions.  NO matter what eating style you choose, meal portions can be an issue. 
- Read the labels and nutrition information.  If you are weighing out your food, pay attention to the serving size on the back of the box.  Some of those can be tricky.
- The cleaner the food, the more you can eat! 

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